Thursday, September 17, 2009

Country Road

Another milestone in the road to to cyclocross 2010. I road outside today. An hour. Nothing earth shattering, but it was 8 weeks to the day it all went down. I made sure to avoid a couple things while at Castlewood. Well really two things. PBR. Running. No foot snapping would occur this day.

In other news random news....

It appears I should polish up my resume and send it to Renault. But I fear my resume could be lacking in the dirty rotten scoundrel area.

Tom Danielson is out of the Vuelta and could be out for the worlds team. I understand that the road racing season is long and tough, but I tend to question the lack of a serious assault of the world championships by the US. It is like the US team look at the road worlds like French cyclist look at Le Tour. They just give up before the race starts and don't even try for the win. Maybe the fact there will be 3 US based Pro Tour team next year will change that. Maybe the USAC folks should get off their buts and actually try and ride the wave of cycling popularity and put a full on Dream Team assault on the 2010 road world championships. You don't see lame USA participation at the track world championships.

Guess it is moot at this point because cyclocross gets in to high gear this weekend. Locally and nationally.

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