Thursday, October 1, 2009

STL CX 2009

The schedule is out. Two night races. One on Halloween. Time to polish the cowbell! Even my daughter has got to have more cowbell. She picks them up, rings them, and smiles up at me. She's got the cowbell fever and there is only one cure, more cowbell.

I continue to prep for CX 2010. Did 2 hours of hills last Friday. Today I road home from work. Big milestone for me. It was windy as all get out, but at least it was dry. There were a few spots where I did some hops and manuvering the bike to avoid or go over some pavement gaps and those slight efforts sort of bothered my healing foot. So no mountain biking for a while. Friday I will ride back to work. The ride in will be a nice cool weather ride on the CX bike to test out the brake hardware.

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