Sunday, June 28, 2009

Webster Crit

I ventured out for my 2nd crit of the year. I don't count Tuesdays as races, they are just riding around with friends. I debated which race to enter 3/4 or the 4/5. Opted for 4/5 for easier life scheduling purposes. Turns out that was the better choice. The 3/4 race has several crashes. The 4/5 had none. Also was told by a guy who did both that the 4/5 race faster. Not by much but it was faster. Found that interesting. Not verified by anyone else but what I was told.

Lining up I had the usually prerace nerves. Those never go away. I actually yawned on the start line while waiting for Buddy to fire his starters pistol. Once were gong I settled in and rider by rider I found myself at the rear of the field. The pack wasn't surging too bad so I just settled in there rather then fight it out to stay at the front. Also the pace wasn't that hard so I was able to move when I wanted too. After half way I moved up to the top third of the pack. They called a prime and no one was goig so I took a flyer with a half lap to go. That hurt. I gave it all I had, which isn't a lot, and kept going. A few riders were strung out single file behind me. Including my teammate who was on to what I was going for. He just missed out on the prime, but I give him credit for sitting the chaser's wheel and then making a run at it. I think he waited a bit too long to sprint for the prime.

After a few laps at the back I got back near the front. With 3 to go the pace slowed again and I noticed some teammates were very near the front. So I took another flier. This one garnered a bit of sponsorship time because I lead the pack around the 4th turn and across the start/finish line. After that I was spent and rolled around the back of the pack and finsihed nearly last in the pack.

Overall I was pleased with how things went. I hadn't raced a true race since Memorial day. And only the 3rd time this year. Tour of StL Sunday race was the other. My knee issues are getting better and as of this evening I don't have any knee pain so that is another bonus for me. I was able to make a few hard efforts in a small attempt to help my teammates so that was good enough for me.

Dirt crits start Thursday and I can't wait for these to start!

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