Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a PRO

This past spring while many cyclist were out logging miles and entering early season races I was at my desk studying for a P.E. exam. Well it paid off. I'm a professional engineer now. So is Sara. That was great day of news around here.

To celebrate I road home from work today. A few coworkers were concerned about my decision given the heat. I had three bottles for the ride home and I drank plenty of water all day long. It wasn't as hot as I expected when I headed out the door. Yeah it was warm, but not unbearable. I was covered in sweat, but I had Craft pro-cool base layer on and that thing really did the trick. Not a paid product endorsement statement, but everything I have that is Craft has exceeded my expectations. The only time I was burning up was when I got stopped at stop lights and had to wait in traffic with no shade next to running engines. Once I got going again it felt like I was sitting in the A/C.

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