Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goings On

Since Webster crit I have completed two dirt crits. Went on vacation. Help my parents move to town. Put on a USAC mountain bike race. Did my annual triathlon and hammered some tri geeks on the rolling hills on a short 14 mile course.

The dirt crits are in full swing now. Ralph and his crew are putting on a stellar display of pagentry. I'm racing the A's this year. First race I was mid pack when I flatted. Rather than quitting I grabbed a spare wheel, sat out a lap, and rejoined where I was. I was fine with being scored last but I wanted to race and finish strong. I never could manage to successfully cross the creek properly so I gave up after 3 laps and just cyclocrossed it. Jim Krewet had an issue with this so he passed me on the last lap. I had to work hard, dive bomb the inside of the final corner and out sprint him in front of his family to get back around him.

The second week was a better race from the stand point I didn't flat. But I didn't have any legs. I could make a ton of excuses but bottom line is I was all show and no go. I just road around and beat the folks who dropped out. I made up for it with the post race party effort. Thanks to some superior coaching I put out a PRO effort at the post race part and after hours party.

Sunday I made my apperance at the Lake Freeburg triatholon. I'm glad I finsihed. I was 4 min 30 sec slower this year which sucked. But I didn't put on aero bars for the bike leg because I really just didn't feel like it. I exited the water only 10 second slower then last year. Once on the bike I paced myself on the first couple hills. This bike route has a few turns and lots of roller hills. All of the course is on rough roads too. I know this route very well and I push on the flat but not all out because the hills are plenty. I think I passed the same guy 4 or 5 times. Every time the roads went up I went by. Then he would bomb past me on the down hills. Next hill I would repass. One time I asked him for a truce. He admitted I would drop him on the return trip. And drop him I did. Caught several other folks in the process. One guy I passed on the 180 turn around. He got there first but couldn't turn. So I passed him at the turn. It must of pissed him off because he came flying back by me. That didn't last long because 1/2 mile later there was a steady short climb and I dropped him and never saw him again. The run was 3 min slower largely because I haven't been running a lot lately. The run leg is fairly hilly and I started slower this year but after 2 miles I picked up the pace and finished strong. Once I got down my knee hurt some but not bad. I did some stretching afterwords while I waited for awards and ate ice cream. Overall I was happy with how things went. Pushed myself pretty good but realized that I wasn't at the level I was last year so tried not put my knee too hard. I will note Sara did the short course for fun. Kept her heart rate in check and still managed to beat some folks and have a decent bike spit. Not bad for a preg-o lady.

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