Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Finally got out for a couple of back to back weekend rides. Saturday I rolled out of my driveway with two teammates. We headed west for 45 miles of hills. Some of the roads I knew others were new to me. All of it was great. It did prove out the theory the way to get better at hills is to climb more of them. However I haven't done many lately so I suffered some. But not bad. I was able to recover and do some pulling on the last stretch of rollers.

Sunday was a family ride. After breakfast at Lone Wolf we hit Creve Couer on the way to the KATY trail. I think in the future I'll ride more KATY and less Creve Couer Park trail. Generally most people were cool. I took my time didn't force any passes. It is Sunday and I'm pulling a trailer. Just taking it easy. However after nearly 30 miles and less 1/4 mile from the car I came across the typical Creve Couer park A-hole. The one guy who who can't wait to pass someone who is slowing him down during his interval session on a multiuse trail. Two walkers headed my way. A roller blader behind. I'm approaching with caution just about anytime I pass anyone going the other way or my way. Because really, if I wanted to race I would of been at Jefferson Barracks. Anyways as I come across the two walkers going the opposite way the roller blader decides he has to pass RIGHT NOW. So he proceeds to go around the two walkers, cross the center yellow line into my lane, and squeezes between two walkers me and my trailer with the little one in it. Mind you I'm rolling the right wheel of the trailer in the grass at this point. He managed to get through. No injuries to report. But to the roller blader...WTF? Had I not been more aware it could of been worse. Three or four people could of been hurt because you wanted to get through and couldn't wait 15 more feet to get around two walkers.

Regardless of the guy being a a-hole I had a blast of doing nearly 30 miles pulling the trailer. It felt like I was climbing a gradual hill the whole time. Two things are clear. First, I need more hill training. Second, cross season can't get here soon enough.

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