Wednesday, May 6, 2009

After the lack of rain over the weekend I opted for an easy spin at Castlewood Monday evening. Proved to be a good choice. The night before I replace the derailleur hanger on the shifty bike. Proved to be a good move. After I put on the new drive train it just wasn't shifting right. No amount of cable adjustment was able to fully fix the shifting issues. Put on a new hanger and I was in business. No cable tuning needed. I laid the old one a bench and is tweaked ever so slightly. Anyways, back to the ride. It was as much fun and I could have on a geared bike. Did some more tuning on the Fox fork I put on over the winter. I had been running a pretty high compression setting so I backed it off some. I was amazed how much such a small change of a couple clicks made to the compliance over small bumps. Day and night. I'm pretty much convinced the Fox forks are some of the best in the business. Not the lightest, but they have some of the best damping control around.

Tuesday I made an appearance to the Tuesday worlds. Nothing spectacular to report. Just getting used to the dynamics of a crit. Fitness is coming around. I didn't hurt too bad afterwords so that is a good sign. Was able to move up when I felt the need. I kept following the wrong deal and eventually found myself at the back of the pack. Next week I'll spend more time at the front rather than bringing up the caboose of the race pack.

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