Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How not to train

This weekend marks about 4 weeks since I have been back into a more traditional training and racing plan. One thing I can recommend is not waiting until the of April to start increasing your mileage and also to start racing. Sunday I road over to the race in Wildwood. Provided a decent warm up. I was able to get out for some good riding Friday and Saturday which worried me for Sunday. It was actually pretty enjoyable to ride to the race. I felt okay until the race started. The course had a few turns, but the quick hills did me in. About half way Boz rolled up and said, "Good news, we are at the back." I was riding in the same spot I had been for the first part of the race. Unfortunately a couple folks dropped off each lap and then it was my turn. After a few more laps I was done. It was a great race and fun venue. Hope the race comes back next year.

I think it is safe to say that waiting until the end of April to up your mileage and also start doing intervals/racing isn't the best way to get ready for the early summer racing. It was a bummer to get dropped, but Sunday's race wasn't a cake walk. A lot of folks got shelled. I'm still targeting late summer to shine at some crits and then roll that into cyclocross season.

After the race Sara and I rolled out with me towing the trailer. Did another 20 miles around the bike paths of Wildwood and Rockwood Reservation. The climb out of Rockwood took some effort pulling 50 lbs behind me.


Boz said...

Yeah, sorry about that but I tend to use humor to deal with the pain. Sorry if it deflated you at the wrong time. Man, that was most certainly the wrong place to hang out early in that race.

James Nelson said...

No worries. I tend to the same thing. Actually, I thought your comment was very appropriate.