Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slow Ride.....Take It Easy

Friday we out for a nice and easy 42 mile ride. Some of you are familar with the phrase drinking for two. Well I was riding hills for three. To keep Sara's heart rate down I would help push her up the hills. Does that count for a double the elevation gain? The ride took a little longer than our normal but it still wasn't too bad all things considered.

To make myself feel better I went out to the KATY on Saturday and I TT'd past some freds while pulling the trailer. Actually, didn't really blow by anyone but I did run over three snakes. One black and two green. We took our time and rode from Weldon Springs to Augusta for lunch and then rode back. Lot of folks out enjoying the trail which was pretty cool to see. I would say about 50% had helmets. One girl was riding her bike with training wheels and had her helmet hanging on her handle bars. Dad riding next to her with no helmet. On the return trip I saw that same bike with training wheels and helmet still dangling off the handlebars parked randomly on the trail with no one around. I did a bit of a double take and didn't see anyone around. That was a little creepy.

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