Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Commute

This week was a big week for me biking wise. For the first time I commuted to work on a bicycle. I am not a bicyle commuter. Yeah, I know it is a couple weeks past bike to work week. But two working parents and a little one at home mean you sometimes have to put the family before you desire to ride. I can say that after this week I am hooked on commuting to work. Two things struck me after doing this. First, it was really enjoyable to get a ride in while going to and from work. Second, I was amazed that the most of my traffic concerns occurred near my house and not near my work.

It is just shy of 30 miles from home to work by bike. Little too far to do the round trip time wise so I drove to work Thursday and then road home in the evening. Friday AM I road to work and then drove home. The ride home took 1 hr 45 mins. Not too bad considering I was still learning the route and I pulled off just about any time a car came up behind me on the busy roads. The ride Friday morning was pretty good and had no major issues. I was 5 minutes faster which I think was because of traffic and I knew where I was going a little better. It will note I obeyed all traffic laws and came to a full stop at intersections. Don't want to get ticket in Frontenac.

Of course having my bike sitting at my desk all day encouraged questions of all sorts. The most popular were: how much does that bike weigh, do you ride the MS150, how far is the ride, and of course the expected how much did that bike cost.

I'll be back for sure. I may even stop at the doughnut shop I passed on my was to work Friday morning. Those fresh baked pastries smelled oh so good an hour into my ride because to be honest I ride a lot so I can that kind of stuff with no guilt.

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