Friday, May 8, 2009

Giro Starts in 1 day

Pretty funny snip from an interview I came across.

TRK: Any truth to the rumor that you have singed up to race Leadville on a tandem with Lance?
LL: That’s a first, I think we’re busy at that time

TRK-is a Giro rep
LL is Levi

Apparently Lance will be using the entire month of May to convince LL to race Leadville. I can imagine the conversations now
Lance: You want me to pull that break back?
LL: Yes
Lance: You doing Leadville?
LL: No
Lance: I can't pull that break back then.
LL: On come on man!!!!
Lance: You doing Leadville with me?
LL: I don't know....can't we focus on this Giro thing we doing right now.
Lance: Hey, don't change the subject. Leadville or not?
LL: Okay I'll do it, but only for fun and I'm walking all the downhills.
Lance: Fair enough. Not step back, I've some f-ing work to do to close the gap.

Also, just thought of this one. Wonder if Horner has any bad feelings about leaving Lotto. Another scenario I see happening
Setting: Giro mountain stage.
Announcer: They are flying up this HC mountain climb. I see now Cadel Evans is riding at the back of the lead group of Astana, Cervelo, and the rest of the race contenders
Announcer: Looks like Evans is barely holding on. He has no teammates left.

Horner: Johan, I got this one. Step back boys. I'm going put Evans in the hurt locker. Those Lotto folks said I wasn't worth the money 2 years ago. Payback time!

Announcer: What's this?? Looks like Horner has gone the front eaten a Little Debbie brownie and now has opened the throttle. Nobody can come around.
Lance: Hey Redneck. slow the F down will you! Levi is complaining even.
Horner: Shut up one nut. Just stay on my wheel. Just tell me when Evans blows up.
Annoucner: Well that is it for Evans. Off the back. His Giro is done. The pace set by Horner is too much for him.
Lance: Hey redneck, Evans popped! Slow down now.
Horner: No way, you just want me to slow down so you can win the stage.
Levi: You two shut up and focus on me will you!


Chris Hammond said...

I hardly know what you're talking about, but even to me that is some funny shit

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! That Horner, Lance, Levi exchange at the end is too hilarious!