Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coming Around

After a good weekend of riding the quiet roads of southern Missouri I made it out for my third Tuesday Worlds. Spent more time near the front. I am slowly getting back into it. With 2 to go I got squeezed on the outside going up the hill. It was either hit the barrier because they stacked up in front of me. Not that I was at the front, but it was frustrating to see several rows fly by me. Then the final time up the hill there was a crash about mid pack. I slowed down in plenty of time to avoid it and I doubled back to check on those that went down. They were fine except for some road rash.

Wednesday I did a DVD on the trainer due. Tonight I ran 3.5 miles. First run in nearly 2 months. Looks like my knee issues maybe finally resolved because my knee doesn't hurt.

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