Sunday, November 2, 2008

How not to prep for a cross race

Two weeks ago I did a cross race. I finished just inside the top half. Today I finished ahead of 5 people. So for review I present things not to do for a cross race.

1. Run 4 miles Friday.
2. Biking 35 mins on the KATY to ride to the wineries in Augusta to sample wine. Then head to brewery and have a beer and a snack. Then ride 35 mins back to the car. The whole time your are riding the KATY while pulling a trailer and trying to keep up with your wife while she tries to drop you.
3. Going to a Halloween party Saturday night and drinking 8-10 cans of Strough's.
4. Waking up dehydrated and with a slight headache.
5. Riding 1 hr and 45 mins Sunday morning with your wife.
6. Eating mexican for lunch at El Meguay's at 12:00 PM.
7. Only making 1 warmup lap.

Not sure if you can't do 1 to 3 of the items listed above, but I don't recommend doing them all in the days and hours before a cross race.

Regradless I still have fun and look forward to the next cross race. But today was frustrating to see guys ride away from you that previously you were able to stay in front of.

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Boz said...

I only did a couple of the items you mentioned on the night before, however, my alcohol consumption may have been slightly higher. Mexican food should be consumed the day before, not hours before. Any pro knows that... ;-)