Friday, October 31, 2008

Weather Report

The weather looks too good to pass up. This past week I road the trainer Monday. Ran Tuesday. Took the shifty bike out Wednesday and Thursday. I had a most epic flat Thursday. Couldn't stop soon enough from hearing the "PSSSSSSSSS" before it was flat. I did get enough air into with my small CO2 and limped into the parking lot and borrowed a floor pump from a nice fella who was going out to start his ride. Near the end I meant the man, the legend, Grand Master Geezer (GMG). Hell of a nice guy and BS'd with him a few minutes and then went on home. He's still tough and fast as ever even though he claims he hasn't been riding. Friday I ran again.

Then I sat in the driveway, drank beer, sat around the fire pit and handed out candy. I got to thinking how lucky I am. I've been a reader of Fatties for a little while and all I can think to say is WIN. I have a inlaw going through a similar ordeal right now. My inlaw will win. She must win! My family is happy and healthy. I have a great group of friends. What more could I need? I'm fortunate to go to work everyday with some great people and get to do cool things. Then at the end of the day I can go ride and everything seems less important.

This weekend's weather will cause me to ride a lot. Family outing on the KATY Saturday. Then more riding Sunday AM before I race in the PM.

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