Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to Normal?

Well my riding and running patterns have returned to somewhat normal. Normal as can be with a little and two working parents. It helps when your spouse is active and supports your riding addiction and even encourages you to ride more.

After 8 hours of fun on Friday I was ready for some riding. Went to the in-laws for the weekend and got in 4.5 hours of riding. My father in law likes to ride and I enjoy riding with him every chance I get. He's not a racer, but he would hold his own among the typical MS150 rider. Saturday was his first ride in a while and it showed. He was hurting. Not sure what his deal is but I was more than happy to take my time. The weather was great, the views and trees were awesome, and the cars were nonexistent. Sunday I went out for two rides. One early ride alone. I road 2/3 of what we road Saturday in half the time. Then later Sara joined me for one last hour ride before we headed home. We figured we owed it to ourselves and the grandparents not to leave early and to go for a ride while we had baby sitting.

This weekend marks my return to cross. I was thinking about going to KC for the race on the nationals course but will pass and instead opt for a family ride on the Katy and some local Bubba cross racing.

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