Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Bubba

How did I miss the bike toss?

One bright spot of the day was the non-knee pain. Started to have some knee issues midsummer. Nothing big, but annoying. I've never had knee problems. The other week I started thinking. When did my knee pain begin? Mid Summer. What changed midsummer? Start riding my cross bike. What did I change on my cross bike from last year? Oh yeah, my brother borrowed it and I lower the seat for him. Then I raised it back up, but way to much. I then started riding it more over to Castlewood and back for the dirt crits and what not. Dope! 3 weeks ago I lowered it back down to match my saddle height on my road bike. Finally, knee issues solved. Sweet!

In the coming weeks I'll do some more running and somewhat structured trainer rides in some attempt to regain some form on the bike.

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