Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Year of Rain

Didn't get a chance to do much riding this weekend. Road at Greensfelder Friday for a little bit. My shifty bike owned me there. Ended up going out with some friends for a few cold AB products afterwards.

There were a couple races Saturday and Sunday, but didn't enter any of the 3. Those who did had a good time I'm sure. I just relaxed and drank some 5 day IPA.

Just doing the usual running a couple times a week and trying to get ready for Sunday's canoing. The only time I've been in a canoe is on a river with a case of beer and I only touched a paddle in emergency situations. Sunday I have to canoe 2 miles to start the Conquer Castlewood race. It will feel weird to paddle while sober.

No Army World's this week. Decided to do some trainer riding and a 4 mile run.

Hopefully it doesn't rain 3 inches again this Friday.


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