Wednesday, May 28, 2008

S2000 Fun

Finally made it out for a long road ride last Friday. 3+ hours of good times with Sara. Followed that up with a nice 1.5 hours of mountain biking Saturday morning, again with Sara. Sunday I did some running, while pushing the 5o lbs of jogger and daughter. Followed that up with another 4 miles on Monday. Good times. Tuesday was a less than full field at the Army World's. I was slow and didn't do much. Pack fodder and took a short glory lap with 3 to go. After 4 races this year, I may of peaked....

I also put on another type of helmet and did some autocrossing this weekend. It has been a couple years since I did that and even longer since I have autocrossed a car that had fenders. I was faster than I expected to be and beat my codriver/car owner. Unfortunately all the rain Monday morning put a damper on day two of the divisional at At Gateway. All I can say is a S2000 CR is a fun car and I look forward to my next autocross.

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Chris said...

You can run the Corvette on 7/13