Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nice Ride

I went for a nice ride Wednesday over to Castlewood and did some hill repeats behind the park. It was pretty nice. Things I encountered: dead snake, dead turtle, live deer, two separate dog chasing incidents, and a couple of friends who were out for a run and ride. Overall, not too bad.

One thing I did think about was a story I read on MSNBC about happiness. Currently several of the top NY Times best sellers are about happiness. Who is not happy, who is happy and super happy. Overall those who work a lot and have a lot of money are happy. Those who work normal hours, and have enough money tend more to be super happy. Also the story mentioned those who were at the top of their classes with respect to grades (ie-A+++) were happy while those with good grades (A-) were super happy. I got to thinking about how I was more of a happy/super happy guy. Have a good job, great family, great friends, and at the end of the work day I go home and ride. All those things make me think I'm in the happy/super happy group. Would I love more money? Sure, but I don't feel compelled to work 14 hour days all the time. I've heard it many times from others, but riding a bike is truly enjoyable every time. Doesn't matter what type of bike or ride. It is relaxing and enjoyable.

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