Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What me race?

I went to Washington and did the 3/4. In went ok. I was pretty much pack fodder. Not that I didn't feel that bad, but was too tentative mostly. The course was good but the field was small. It was interesting to see how some (mis)handled the downhill after the start/finish line. Near the end I moved up to help out a teammate. Then I faded and finished near the back. Off the back really. Oh well. Another teammate went down hard and they stopped the race to tend to him. Good news is that he will be ok ultimately. It was a little scary for a bit.

Tuesday brought some rain into the area so I bailed on the Army World's and rode the trainer. It never really did rain. Figures. After dinner I ran some errands on the bike which was nice.

Hopefully the weather man blows the rain prediction and this Saturday's race won't be too wet. We will see. Either way I'm going to Forest Park afterwards to drink some beer at the beer festival!

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Boz said...

C'Wood race = good; beer festival = better! I'm trying to get my wife to understand the same plan.