Sunday, May 4, 2008

Others have been warned

The wife got back on the mountain bike after a year layoff. I road over and made a lap of the front side to see how the race next will go. It went well. Didn't really ride super fast but a least I road. Pulled back into the garage on the Rig and pulled out with a crossbike, kid trailer, and Sara on her shifty mountain bike. Big day since she hadn't ridden it for some time. We rolled over to Castlewood and she road the trails while I pulled the trailer around the Castlewood roads, up down up down up down up down. I did stop a talk to a few old friends who were also out.

Sara managed to flat 1/2 mile into her ride. Or course then the spare tube's valve stem decided to explode. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger he gave us a spare 26in tube. I tried to get his name or car description so I can repay him in the future. I'll carry a spare tube for him so I can repay him at some point. Thanks a lot mysterious rider.

Sara recovered from the flat and road the Conqour Castlewood route a couple times. She didn't crash and liked the new fork. June 8th will be fun for sure!

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