Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well the rain somewhat cooperated and the Castlewood race went off with much success.

I road a lap and then some on Friday with Matt and Sara to check things out. We were all surprised as to how well the trails were. Of course that ride also confirmed to me that I would be riding the singlespeed in Sport because I thought that would be better for me. IE-I'm lazy and that bike is easier to clean.

The start was packed with 40 riders in Sport. The short field run before Lone Wolf didn't help me either. Then of course the pack on the hill was hard. I pretty much had to ride what I could and not get going too slow behind someone nor could I spin up the hill like others. But at least I road the who hill. Although the true singlespeeders passed be before I got to the top of Lone Wolf.

I then recovered for Love trail. That trail is made for SS. I did catch back up to some riders there and on Roller Coaster. Then the drop done Grotpeter it was all I could do to keep from getting dropped by guys. Gears and suspension beat an Amish bike every time there.

The 2nd and 3rd laps were pretty routine. I did have to force my way by a rider on Love. Hated to do that but I asked to get by and got a nonpolite response. That's okay the rider behind me did the same thing. I didn't see that rider ever again so it was good to drop him. The final time down Grotpeter 3 riders flew by me like I was not moving. That sucked. One of them over cooked a corner and flew into the trees, got up and then repassed me. He wanted 13th more than me. I rolled home 14th out of 40 starters. There were a few DNFs which I always hate to see and I wasn't too far out of the top 10.

I didn't hang around too long afterwards do to other commitments, but I really would of liked to stay around for some PBR's. Next up is Matson Hill with plenty of good times and cold O'Fallon IPA!


Boz said...

Good race on the "amish bike" against the geared world. I'm not sure I've ever climbed the LW fire road on my s/s and I can't imagine doing it 3 times under race conditions. I'm getting stoked for the O'fallon brew at Matson. May have one during the race or is that use of an illegal substance??

James Nelson said...

Beer will be available for racers during their race. We'll have a few cups ready and waiting.