Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekly Post

Not much new here. Some riding and running as usual. Finally got some more mountain bike time in. Sunday AM the whole family did a 4 mile run. Of course I pushed the 50lbs of baby and jogger.

My father in law did a ride on the KATY from Sedelia to St Charles over 3 days. We picked him up Sunday night in St. Charles. Got back home with some day light left so he baby sat and the wife and I went mountain biking. We road the Conquer Castlewood bike route. I also showed her the run route, but we road that. Hopefully the river does down some and we an do the canoe leg.

Tuesday was another Army World's but without rain this week. Managed to get there for the B race. Didn't feel too bad, but didn't really do too much. Went to the front once. Road in the wind a lot.

Tonight was another 4 mile run. Never to early to get ready for cross season right?

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