Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday Rainout

Checked the radar, got ready and even warmed up Tuesday. Then the rain and hail came down. I was done. Took Jeremy home since he road there. Got home and the streets by my house were dry.

Tonight I took the cross bike out for a spin. Road a little bit of the flats at Castlewood. Surprisingly the trails were in pretty good shape. I was surprised to see a few mountain bikers out there. The river is still way up. Wonder if that will affect the race next month?

I also road the walking trail along the river and there a lot of trees down. While carrying my bike over a few of the downed trees I noticed a paw print in the mud that differently was fresh and not from a dog. There were reports of a bear being seen back there, but after seeing the print I think I believe it now. It was fresh and after doing a quick search it appears that the print was certainly not from a dog, mountain lion or bobcat. Could it of been a bear? Maybe. I'm not an expert.


Ted M. said...

Check out the pawprint photo near the bottom of this post - is that what you saw?

James Nelson said...

Yeah, something like that but in mud and 3 miles from my house.