Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back on Dirt

Well the weekend meant no riding for me. Tried riding the trainer before I left town, but wasn't really feeling that good. Monday I managed to run before work and then some trainer time afterwards. Tuesday was another Army World's. The race was fine, but I wasn't. Seems like my lower back is tight again and I don't feel quite up to full speed. Not really painful per say, but driving to work isn't very comfortable. It could because I'm going to work that is the pain. Anyways to cure my back pain I went mountain biking on Wednesday night. Full rigid single speed should help the back right? I'm going to have to stretch more,

Hope to race this weekend, but have to see how life goes before I commit to it.

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Boz said...

We sound similar with the back issues. Maybe that's why I'm dreading the mtb race so much, how much pain it will inflict on my back. Of course, stretching wouldn't be a bad idea, either.