Friday, April 25, 2008

Racing is Overrated

Well this weekend there are plenty of races to attend, but I'll be enjoying a lot of windshield time instead. I'm headed to the home of the USAC Midget Nationals. Unfortunately the USAC crowd doesn't show up in Belleville, KS until mid summer. Not Tour of StL for me.

I did manage to get some more running in this week. Over 8 miles. At this rate I may wear out shoes in December. Also managed to get Sara out for a road ride Sunday with plenty of hills. One day we'll get back on the mountain bike trails.

I did ride the cross bike over to Castlewood Thursday and saw a lot of debris on the riverfront sections. The river is still up. So high that the beach is submerged and the boat launch ramp is right next to the water!

I may head to Washington next weekend. I did that circuit race last year and enjoyed it until I had to get a wheel change at the start of a lap. I chased and chased and managed to rejoin what was left of the field at the end of that lap. Then I went to the front in an attempt to help my teammate. This year it is a crit around the city park, which I think will be a good course with some hills, a few challenging corners and a nice view for spectators to see the whole race.

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