Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Took Sunday off to have a house full of family over. It was good.

Ran 30 minutes Monday. Not sure how far, I just ran. I hadn't run in awhile and need to get some in before Conquer Castlewood.

Tuesday I was on the fence about going to the Army World's. 2/3 of my family is sick so I hung around home to help out. I was encouraged to go so I ate and left the house later than normal. Ended up only doing the Big B race. Spent some time at the front, did some stupid attacks, rolled around the back for a bit. At 19 min. in I went to the front and hung out for a little bit to see if any team mates were wanting to work together. At a couple to go I found myself in the back again. Rolling around to 1 to go I pulled some people from the back the front and then rolled out to sit out the last lap. Overall I was happy with the effort. My body felt fine despite the fact I had tagaderm in 3 spots on my right side from Saturday's festivities.

I think my overall fitness is better than in year's past. I just need to get out on the mountain bike more if it ever stops raining to see if that is true or not. It is hard to gauge my fitness though because I'm not racing as much this year and I don't have a power meter. You would think a guy who has an engineering degree and used to data acquisition and analysis would be all over a power meter. But alas I'm just a poor sap who rides an old bike.

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