Saturday, April 12, 2008

One and done

I raced Tillis today. 3/4 race. I warmed up a bit and could feel yesterday's ride. But Friday was a day off and the wife wanted to go. We did 45 miles of full on wind and hills. It was sweet.

Today went well except for the middle third. Early Bob of DRJ fame and I took a flier. He was next to me and asked if I would let him out. Sure, then he took off. I took off after him. We had our 1 lap of fame that was short lived. Then it something bad happened. I went down hard. It appears a another rider and I went for the some opening at the same time. I stood up to go for it and he was on my right. He sat down and went for the hole. We bumped shoulders and down I went. We must of just bumped weird enough for me to be out of balance at the instant we touched because I went down right away. Not that I have great bike skills, but I've bumped people before and never had issues. I also tend to out handle pure roadies at cross season. Anyways I hit the ground and then rolled out of the way. I took a a lap while I looked over myself and my bike. Then decided to go get a new wheel and continue. I pretty much road around after that. Tried to move up the be pace was slow and the pack was as wide as the road and it was hard to move up. Finished with the pack.

After that I was frustrated and decided not to do the 4/5 race and went home. Probably better because it was cold and I didn't feel like standing around for the 4/5 race to start.


Boz said...

Sorry about the crash. I saw you at the park and was going to talk with you, but I was trying to stay warm for the 4/5 race.

Ted M. said...

Ouch - I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

I don't know, man - I've been real skittish about crits ever since my Lafayette crash. I thought the 3s would be safer, but there are just as many hoodoos there as before. I'm hoping sticking with geezer category from now on will reduce the risk.

Bob said...

Man, I didn't know you went down. That race was seriously tight. Glad to hear you didn't get too hurt though.