Friday, April 11, 2008

Back home again

It's been awhile....

In between the rain and work I have been able to ride some. Got out Saturday for a few hours with a small group on the road. Saw a ton of people out around Wildwood and Rockwood. Guess everyone wanted to ride.

Sunday? I didn't run 13.1 miles like the Bugman. Which I congratulate him on his time. I ran a 1/2 marathon a few years ago with a goal time of less than 2 hours. Much like Bugman, I am not a runner. The wife is faster at running. For training leading up to that I just ran. Didn't really watch my times but I did watch heart rate and focused on running 5-6 miles at a wack after work. I was under 2 hours which was my goal, but not as fast at the Bugman.

Starting at 9:30 am I began working around the house. After 4 hours or washing cars, mulch application, raking leaves and drinking a few beers while I worked I did manage to get out for about 45 minutes on the cross bike. Road over to Castlewood which was packed. I was pleased to see the trails were dry but I only road along the creek since I wasn't on a mountain bike. Got home in time to watch some cycling while I trued some wheels and drank a beer or two.

Monday I got out with the trailer and daughter in tow around the neighborhood. She loved it. Quiet the whole time but not sleeping. That was a good trial run for later when the whole family goes out for a Katy Trail ride.

Tuesday was a non-Army Tuesday World's for me. I'm always leary when it is looking like rain. Instead I got suited up and road over to vote. They don't heckle you when you go by in tight clothes on a bike. Even my neighbor who was running for Alderman didn't recognize me. One of the election workers told me about her niece was dating a guy who is training for a the Olympic bike team. Didn't know which cycling area or his whole name. I didn't see him on any recent track world cup lists nor was it a name of a major road cyclist. BMX maybe? I told her, "I wish him the best of luck." Picked up my ballot and voted. Ended up doing 15 miles maybe total. The rain held off until I got done.

Wednesday it was time to get back on my home bike. Big wheels, simple, and it loves the dirt. Castlewood was in great shape. Road everything on the front side and it was good to go. Not muddy and not middle of the summer dry. Just soft enough to give great traction. I was back home. I hadn't been on the Rig since the St. Joe mtn bike race. Despite my neglect she treated me well. It was also good to get back to mashing up hills. The lack of mtn biking this spring has affected my Tuesday World's a little. Just don't seem to be able to recover well after a surge. I was pleased with my ride and headed home.

Friday is upon me and rather than rest up for Tillis I'm going to go ride with the wife in the afternoon. Probably go for 3-4 hours. She needs to ride and I'm going along.

The weekend brings Tillis and a whole bunch of family coming to town. My first crit of the year.


Boz said...

I got my mtb out for the first time since St. wash it. Haven't been on it since the race. Cryin' shame, too. See you at Tilles tomorrow. Dave Gray tells me some tactics are in store from the BS boys.

Ted M. said...

Hey, James - thanks for the mention!

You're right - I'm not a runner!