Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Rain

In between the storms Sara and I went out for 45 miles Friday afternoon. Then Saturday morning I met up with a teammate to do another 25 miles. Sunday? More rain so I road the trainer for a bit while watching car and bike racing.

Friday I gave Sara' bike so much needed TLC in the form of all new cables, cable housing, bike wash and complete drive train cleaning. By the end of our ride Friday it was totally dirty again. She did comment about how much better it shifted while we road and then asked if I was going to clean it again for her. I'm so lucky!

So Sunday I cleaned both road bikes again complete with a nice coat of bike lust. I also got around to switching the front fork from my shifty mountain bike with front fork on Sara's shifty bike. I did this mainly because now Sara has a top of the line front fork on either of her mountain bike so when she does start riding trails again she'll be ready to roll. Her single speed has the Reba and she likes it a lot. She hated the POS that was on her shifty bike. I ride a rigid single speed so I figure I could handle a POS on my shifty bike for the few times a year I ride it. That was a good couple hours overall work.

Tuesday was another Army Worlds. I was pack fodder in the A race but managed to hold on and not get dropped. I pretty much road around in the B race too. I did go to the front briefly but stopped with 3 to go to talk to some folks. Good thing too because there was a crash near the end. It was a good hour of racing practice for me. I felt fine, could move up when I wanted, but I kept putting myself in bad spots and would lose positions to easily. I need to work my positioning more and stop boxing myself into holes.

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