Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This post is a bit of ramble....

Hillsboro filled up in less than a day? WTF? Guess everyone is geared up for a road race. It is a good race, and the ICCC folks are wonderful folks so I wish everyone the best. Secretly, I hope it is cold and wet like a true spring classic. I'm glad people are excited about road racing, but I still wonder why more folks don't mountain bike at least some to mix it up. At least when you crash on your mountain bike, 99% of the time is was your fault and not the fault of some choad who takes you and tons of other people out due to their inability to ride a bike.

I've been a dad for a month and everything is great! Mom is really dropping the weight and if all goes well she will return to the race circuit at the Conquer Castlewood Race. She will be back to her usual fast self in no time.

So, if Astana has June open I wonder if they will be at the Tour de Winghaven? Maybe all the Trek folks should unite and pony up the $$ to get them here.

Tonight I went for an outside run for the first time in a while. My lower back is still a little tight so I took it easy, but it was good to be outside again. I also did some indoor trainer miles for about 2.5 hours this weekend and another hour last night. Thursday will be some chocolates and more plyometrics. Wonder if Jimbo will be there or will he skip again?

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