Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Alone

The wife and child went down south to Grandmother's house for a few days so I'm here alone. This morning I was thinking about going an organized shop ride, but decided to read the paper and drink some coffee. I eventually made it out the the garage a little before 8am. At first my back was really tight and I was a little concerned, but after 4-5 miles it loosened up. Not 100% normal but bearable so I could ride. I had planned to do 20-25 miles. But then I got thinking. What else do I have to do today? I'm not cold, the roads are fine, and I brought plenty of water. I decided to take the Bugman route from Castlewood out to Melrose. About that time a spoke nipple failed on my rear wheel. I did a little road side repair and removed the spoke from the hub and wheel. I spun the wheel a little and it didn't wobble that bad so I said F-It and put the spoke in my pocket and continued my ride. I turned around at Melrose and Allentown and made a left into Rockwood Reservation. On my way back on Old State I saw Justin and I turned and talked to him for a few miles. The only other cyclist I see today and it was Justin. Go figure. Anyways, made it back home after 2.5 hours and 40 miles. Not too bad and 15 miles longer than I planned.

Afterwards I head down to the Shark to a new spoke and nipple and a few other parts for a couple of my various bikes. I bought 700c spokes, 26in spokes, 29in spokes, 29 rim, a couple XT hubs (one silver, one black), and a cable kit. Nothing glamorous but I did spend a chunk of money.

Guess Sunday will be a trainer day while watching the Great American Race which can only mean, 1 month till F1 season starts!

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