Monday, February 18, 2008

Race Season Still Months Away

Well I got in 3.5 miles or running and an hour and half on the trainer before the Great American Race on Sunday. Some friends came over and we BBQ'd and drank some cold ones while we watched the race. I'm not really an fan of a particular driver per say, but I was pretty happy to see a degreed engineer who is lead and supported by some great engineers. After the race and all the drinking we went to the usual Sunday night bar gathering at TJ Wings. More beer was consumed.

Tonight I came home and ran some more and did a few more miles on the trainer. I wussed out and ran on the treadmill rather than going outside. Afterwards? More beer and some sugar cookies. It is all part of my master plan to reach my drinking peak at the 100th annual in Rolla. If you didn't go to Rolla, now Missouri S&T, you wouldn't understand. The 100th annual will be epic I'm sure. I booked my hotel room last May 2007 for a March 2008 stay.

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Chris said...

I wish I had time to run!