Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More running

The title for Chris. Suck it.

Decided to do another run outside since it was semi decent out and will be much colder Wednesday. I did see a few others out, not like 70 deg. nice day type of crowds, but a few people. I was motivated to do something after talking to the wife and hearing about her 2hr workout today. She's tuff, I'm not. The family will be back Wednesday so that will be cool.

Who knows what the weekend has in store for weather. If it's frozen I'm taking the shifty bike out for a test ride. I may actually race with gears this year. I think I climb faster on a SS but having never ridden at St. Joe State Park taking gears may be a good plan. I also may enter a longer point to point race and might want to take some gears there too.

And one more thing Chris, it isn't a race car if you can drive it to work. Good luck this weekend, I'll be checking results.


Chris said...

Bah to running.... It's been a week, I really need to try to run before I leave on Thursday

James Nelson said...

You can run the course too!