Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So I did some plyometrics yesterday, and now I hurt. A lot. The back was getting better and is now sore, but not nearly as sore was it was last week. My legs are very mad at me and feeling not so good. I'm going back Thursday for more. I think it will be good to do something besides running one a week and biking a couple times a week. Tonight I took the night off and had to glass of wine and a sonic blast. It was the best.

Lent starts tomorrow which means the kick ass fish fries begin. I never really went to these growing up, but the church of the street cooks some awesome fish and they serve really cold beer. Sara got me going and now hate to miss it. Holy Infant in Ballwin. $10 for more food than you can stand to eat and a cold Budweiser. Plus I can walk or ride over. They usually run some deal 3 beers for the price of 2 and that always is a bonus. I figure I own beer stock so need to insure the earnings per share are met each quarter.

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