Monday, February 25, 2008

Going Nowhere

Let's see this weekend I road...not outside.

Thursday night I got home and wanted to ride, but wanted to watch the end of the T of Cali. Well, that took longer than expected. I eventually road a little bit, 30 mins.
Friday: 1.5 hours. Some in the AM and some in the PM.
Sat: Watched the Tour of Cali on the web and then road the trainer while watching Versus coverage. 2 hours
Sun: I was planning on taking the cross bike out for some road riding, no racing for me. Froze Toes can go on without me, but the snow killed that idea. So guess what, more trainer. Little over 2 hours while watching Tour of Cali. I road, Elaine watching from her swing. It was kind of funny actually because I stopped to go fill my water bottle and she started to fuss a little, but once the trainer was humming again she was fine. Guess I have a coach now.

So at least I got some good long trainer rides in. Hopefully this snow and rain stuff stops soon.

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