Sunday, November 11, 2007


Is this November? So got out Saturday early with two teammates for some mountain biking. I was back on the Rig and all was good. It was cold to start, but I was comfortable. We weren't going real hard because Matt and I were both racing Sunday and I'm also slow. Bryan joined us on his new ride so we were happy to show him around the trails. Of course I figured Bryan would stuff it somewhere so we were taking it easy on downhills and stuff. Well, we were going to easy that I stuff it over some roots on Grotpeter. Right over the bars. I was on the ground faster than a Rolla grad chasing a free beer. I was okay and Bryan got a good view of my awsome display of bike handling. Then coming down Justins Cutoff Bryan washed out his front wheel on a switch back and went down. Then, Matt went down in front of me coming down Lonewolf. I stuffed it trying to not hit him. So, three riders, three crashes. Must be karma. After 12 miles on my Rig I picked up a 2008 Fuel EX from the Trek Demo truck. Yeah, I haven't really liked 26in bikes much for the past few years, but this one is pretty damn sweet. If you have the means, I highly recommend it. Small wheels, but big time fun. I left all the dampers open and just road it. I liked it a lot, but I still like the old Rig so don't expect to see me on anything but a purple single speed. I wanted to ride a new Superfly, but they didn't have any in the truck so I left after turning the Fuel EX back in.

Sunday was Bubba 5. Wow, great course designed by Butthead himself. How great was the course? So great I got a top ten result in the B cyclocross race. Yeah, there were some people missing today, but I'll take it. Finally, cracked the top ten by finishing 9th. If you can name the artist of the 90s song Finally I give you a brand new pair of Cannodale socks. I have two pairs up for grabs! I got a better start this week which helped, but I still get screwed on the tight stuff early on because the guys in front of me are riding their brakes. Now if this was a crit those whining punks would complaining left and right. In just bump into and get them to move out of the way. You can also nug pass them into and out of corners. Stay off your brakes people when there are no corners.! Eventually I got in a battle with Young Martin from Maplewood. He would pass me at the Start/Finish. I would catch and repass on the first 1/4 of the course. He would chase me down and repass at the Start/Finish. We did that for 3 or 4 laps. I then repassed him again and told him where I was making time up on him. Goodbye. He was gone after that. That's cool, he needs to get better and do well at the U23 Nationals in a few weeks. I battled the Mack guy from last week and beat him this week. I was going after Jeff Yielding, Mr. Herman Bicycling, at the end and flubbed my final dismount at the barriers and he held me off and I rolled home in 9th.

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