Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just trying to put in some running this week in prep for the 60 stairs a lap that will be present in Herman in a few weeks. I'm not really a runner per say, but I probably run more than the average racer I roll around in a crit with. Typically I run once every week or two just to do something different during the spring and summer. After Gateway Cup I have been running twice per week to get ready for cyclocross season. I don't run fast, hardly wear a heart rate monitor and don't time my runs. I just run....slow. Sara is a much faster runner when she isn't pregnant. It takes me about 9 months to wear out a pair of running shoes. Sara goes through a pair every quarter. Our other friend who is a top notch runner goes through a pair of shoes more often than I can count. She's going through a tough fight right now, but I'm sure she will be back at the start line of a half marathon very soon and as fast as ever.

I would like to congratulate a teammate for two recent accomplishments. First, he bought a mountain bike. Second he bought a mountain bike with big wheels. Hopefully we can get together to do some trail riding this winter. This weekend I hope to try out a new big wheeled carbon hardtail. Not mine of course, just a test ride courtesy of Trek and Fisker Bikes. Hey Bugman, come out to Castlewood Saturday and see what a new mountain bike looks like and see what you have been missing.


Ted M. said...

Yeah, right - I know what you want! You liked tasting my blood at Spanish Lake and want some more! Seriously, it'll be a while before I can even consider MTB again, as my post today explains. I've got the bug (hey, I made a funny) though, you'll see me on the trail sometime this winter.

Country Grammar said...

Had a good time riding with you guys today. I hope to catch up with you all again. Perhaps we can ride that Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 29ers rule.