Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fresh Start

The past week has been a little hectic around the house. Several very good reasons why. With all that has been going on I did manage to sneak in some rides. A couple to the hospital. A few out on the roads. Zero rides on the trails.

I have also been trying to figure out what is the proper attire to wear under my winter riding jacket. I procured this jacket after the most of the winter had past. My old jacket I have had for 6 years and I knew what I cold wear and be comfortable. Not too cold. Not too hot. Just right. The one jacket is a far superior riding jacket. I road Thursday and it was in the teens. I had the jacket, base layer and Giordana winter jersey. I was melting in 2 miles. Most of which was down hill. Road at the freezing mark in base layer and jacket at a very slow pace. Melting again. Guess I'll just have to wear nothing under this jacket. I would rather be a little warm than cold any day. Just wish I could figure out the proper layering under it before CXMAS!

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