Sunday, November 22, 2009

CX is still hard

I went ahead and signed up for the CX race today. Single speed. It was hard. I kept my SS mountain bike gearing, 32/18. Glad I kept that! Just simply switched the fat tires for CX tires. Easy change.

Got there early enough to do one recon lap. That was enough. Then they lined up for the start. 15 SS. Started us 10 seconds in front of the other C racers. My goals were not to crash, not get crashed, and have fun. Pretty much accomplished those goals. Although I did a nice slide on the 180 on the pavement on the final lap. No injuries except the ego. Thank goodness for sealed parking lots, they allow you so slide without injury.

The start was not bad. Took a spot at the pack and just took my time. Passed a few folks on the climb the first lap and then that was it for me. Just riding laps after that. I forgot how hard CX really is. It is hard. No bones about it. It was awesome! I settled in and battled a few folks back and forth. I did manage to make up some ground on the climbs and the long run up along the fence. I have to give Jonathan Schilling some props for his cheering on the hill. For a young lad he did some great cheering and did a good job of motivating me, and others.

I ended up getting lapped by Chris Connelly, but he lapped a ton of people. I wasn't last and I think it was a good day to return to racing.

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Anonymous said...

CC started lapping people 1 1/2 laps in...whoa. Of course SS went first, then men, then women. He probably had half a lap by the time the women started.

Congrats on coming bak!