Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Typical Day

So since I'm not really racing or training for anything I don't really look at any data anymore. Until the other day. I began to think, which is never good. Cyclist always look at their data after a race or a training ride. It used to be heart rate was the big indicator. Now a days it seems like any low life Cat 5 has a power meter. Some people use them for good. Others just use them for show. I'm still in the heart rate monitor mode. Anyways, since I'm not racing I figured I would log my heart rate for a day at work. Could I see moments of stress? How low would my heart rate be while I was in deep thought. Would a cup of coffee cause a heart rate spike. I even went so far as to try and write down when I got up, ate, drank, etc. to see if I could detect those spikes and lulls. Well here it is. My typical day. All the spikes pretty much equate to getting up to do something. Walk, talk, get a book, whatever. A find it interesting that my maximum is 112 BPM which I'm fairly confident there are some around me who would log that for a minimum.

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