Thursday, August 27, 2009

Putting Weight On

I've begun the slow process of putting weight on my foot. It is a slow building process.

I liken it to having a top notch MS150 rider tossed into a Cat 3 (or higher) crit. He maybe in fine shape and dropping all kinds of folks on the MS 150. He might of seen several Tour de France's on TV or even a few local crits like Gateway Cup. However tossing a rookie into a upper level event is certain to end badly. Even if he dosen't end up in a ditch or a metal barrier he will be scared out of his club fit jersey and he may never return to racing. Similar process for me. I walk with the add of my aluminum buddies and apply a little load and every day or two I add a little more weight. If I went full bore now it would be a major setback and it would only extend the recovery. And recovery is going very well thanks to my superior state of mind. In a few weeks I will be at full load and hopefully can ditch aluminum walking sticks. Thankfully during my 4+ weeks of inactivity I haven't added any additional weight to myself so I won't be added additional days for the extra weight I could of added.

My goals in the next few weeks, once I can stand, are to ride the trainer and use the recovery time to go through the stockroom of bikes that live at my house. Two need new forks that are on the way along with a complete recable. If I ever get some new front wheels for those I'll put those on too. Two need a complete clean, recable, and new chains. One got back from bicycle hospital )ie-Big Shark) and has a new fork thanks to the fine folks at Felt. After two seasons of cross it needs some TLC too.

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