Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never too soon to start running

Tuesday was another lack luster World's for me. I got in 2 warmup laps and then it was time to race the Bs. Nothing too crazy for me. Just riding around in the pack. Fitness is starting to come back. Choose to set the last lap craziness.

Wednesday on the drive home I spotted the Bugman on his commute home. He was LOOK-ing good.

Once I got home I decided to test my knee with a run. I've been doing some stretching, avoiding the single speed (which has been killing me), and put on new road pedals. All of those things combined have greatly reduced the knee issues I have been battling for months. So I got the kid-o setup in the jogger with a water bottle and snack and I rolled out the garage for a 4 mile run. I haven't run in in two weeks and perhaps a total of 6 times in 4 months. So needless to say it was a shock to the system. Pushing 50 pounds doesn't help either. Once I was done I felt pretty good. No knee pain at all. Legs ache some due to the lack of running and then going out for 4 miles and pushing myself. I'm going to try and run at least once a week to break up the cycling some. Come cross I may increase that some. I could tell my lack of running made running over barriers and recovery harder.

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