Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

What wonderful weather we are having?

Been hitting the books a lot lately. After a long day of studying Saturday I went out for a road ride with my father in law. Great guy. Always has a cold beer for me and likes to ride bikes. One odd thing about him though is he is a thin guy. Yeah most serious cyclist are in the thin department, esp. compared to the rest of the American population. However, my father in law can put on a pair of cycling shorts and they will be loose around his thighs. Typically the critical factors for sizing of shorts are: length of the bib straps, tightness around the boys, and too tight in the waist. I think most cyclists would agree that having the shorts too loose around the thighs is ever a problem. Except for my father in law. None the less we set out for a moderate ride on some quite rural roads. Saw two dogs. One we chased off the road. Then saw some locals out. All of whom gave a friendly wave and passed around with plenty of room to spare. It was pretty nice. After he was done I went home and Sara and I headed out for a nice short ride of 40 more minutes. Not a lot of miles but it was good to get out after studying for 6+ hours Saturday. 2 more weeks and I can go back to riding normally again.

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