Sunday, April 5, 2009

More gears and beers

I've continued my racing sabattical this week. No Rim Wrecker, Hillsboro, or Tilles crit. I did head over to Castlewood for some more trail time. Surpising the trails were in great shape Tuesday and again Saturday. It was a nice day and the trail was packed. Good day for a demo day by the Trek folks. I was lucky enough to make it out on a XL Superfly. I normally ride a L, but I do have a lot of seat post showing my my Rig so figured I would give it a ride. I was not disappointed. The bike climbed great, bombs down hills fast and is just plain quick all around. If I won the lottery that bike would be the first thing I bought. After wards Sara met up with me and I strapped on a pack and took the little for a hike. It was good, but I like biking much more then hiking.

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