Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesdays are Back

I made it out for my first Tuesday World of the year. Nothing spectacular to report. There was no wind which was a plus. Pretty much road around holding up the back of the pack. I found myself up at the front after a few laps. It was down hill after that. Overall, it was a good workout for me. Second interval session of they year for me. First one was Sunday at the race. Other thing I worked on was riding in a race pack again. Getting back in grove of the group dynamics of a racing pack. There were only a few sketchy moments. Which for the record didn't involve me. I think after another week or two I'll be back in the swing for racing in a pack. Tuesday's effort wasn't that hard per say, but I could tell my racing skills were a little rusty.

All and all it was good to catch up some friends I had not seen in a few months. Probably one of the best parts of bike racing. See familiar faces who all enjoy the pain and enjoyment of pushing yourself while riding around in a bike race.

For recovery today I road a lap of the race course for Sunday's mountain bike race. Trail was in perfect shape. Hope we don't get much rain after Thursday.

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