Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dirt, Gears and No Racing

Did make it out for a couple hours Friday with Sara and two team mates. Followed that up with another team ride on Saturday morning. I cut that one short and headed for home earlier then the others. At least I got to ride some with them.

Recently I made it out for 3 rides in the past 4 days. All of them under an hour and all on the shifty mountain bike. Quick trips on the old Kaitai to Castlewood and back. Each time I took some time to adjust the bike some. It is amazing how much fork technology has advanced in 9 years. The gears, small wheels and fork are a nice change and provide a good chance to push harder on a ride that is less than an hour.

This weekend is more racing but not for me. Racing season for me begins after April 25th.

This weekend is more studying and 12 hours of Sebring.

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