Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rolling Along

Business as usual for me. Work, ride some, play with my kid, and study. Another crit this weekend and it will be a DNS for me. Also a DNS for the Bone Bender this weekend. Sounds like it would of been a great event but the rain gods had other plans.

Did sneak out for a 50 minute mountain bike ride on Tuesday at Castlewood. Started up Love Trail on the way home when it started to rain. I then did an interval session to climb up Love to Reis Road to beat the rain home. First time in the hurt locker for me in a couple months. Since December really. It hurt, but was good to get back into the grove of a mock race pace.

Going into the weekend I should be out for my usual biweekly road ride with Sara. It won't be 70 like earlier in the week but it will be mild and dry. Not before I recable my road bike in prep for the 2009 season.

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