Saturday, February 7, 2009

Z's stink

The title is for my friend. He has two non running Z's to sell cheap.

Anyways. That last two weeks have been okay on the biking front. We did manage a nice 35 mile ride last Friday. During that ride I did manage to crash solo at 20 mph. I stood up and when attempted to pedal I came unclipped and over the bars I went. Flat onto my back and rolled into a snow bank. I give my self a 6.2 on the landing. No real road rash. Biggest hit was the my helmet. Cracked in four spots. Also tore my old winter riding jacket. Backside looks like a dog chewed it. The destruction of a new helmet was a bit of a bummer, but it did it's job and a new helmet is cheaper then a trip to the hospital.

The next day I went skiing with my in laws. I tried snow boarding for the first time. I was making good progress thanks to lessons from my brother in law but then after making it down the hill twice with out falling I was on try 3 for a clean run when I got blasted from behind. Completely blind siding. It knocked me pretty good. Enough that a Hidden Valley worker who saw it came over and told me to take a break and they called someone to look me over. I was mostly okay, but after that I went back to skis. Turns out the choad who blasted me did the same thing again later to another person.

Rest of the this week was low key. 9 deg Monday and 60 by Friday. WTF? Me I had a 3rd round of a stomach bug. After three rounds of this I back to my typically summer bike racing weight. What a weight loss plan.

With the warm weather I saw some bikers out after work and I was a bit jealous. I do have to rant about one thing. I was coming home and was stopped at the light at Clayton westbound and Old Woods Mills, near the new Whole Paychek. Red light. Then on my right a cyclist blasts right through the red light without blinking an eye. Guess he figured the red light didn't apply to him or perhaps he thought we were just sitting there for fun. That stuff annoys me. Not to wish ill will on the guy, but perhaps he needs some close calls to learn to stop at red lights.

Anyways today we road up to Lone Wolf Coffee for breakfast. Good times. Wish they had a bike rack though! It was a good family trip out there and back. If you are a cyclist and need a coffee break please stop. They even brew new coffee every 2 hours so no matter when you stop you won't be drinking stale coffee. How great is that?


Chris said...

I only have 1 Z to sell!

James Nelson said...

But you have enough crap for two cars!