Friday, January 23, 2009

Unexpected Training Day

So I'm sitting at work I get the call. The call parents dread, your kid is sick come get her. Turns out it wasn't too serious. But a case of pink eye which means she needed to be away from other kids. So after a couple of phone calls and I was on my way out the door, pick the little one up, grab some medicine on the way home. Then what? Well what would any self respecting cycling do in January when it is 60 degrees and you have the afternoon free? Yep, go for a ride. Well go ride after I attempt to put eye drops in 1 year old's eyes. I think climbing Heart Attack is easier.

I bundled her up with a coat, hat, and blankets. Then I hooked up the trailer to the cross bike and we went for a nice 90 minute ride with a few hill repeats (on very quiet roads). A good day in my book. Plus my daughter loves the trailer. It her favorite napping spot. So I get to ride and she gets a rest. The little one is doing better today but we kept her home so I just may have to go for another nice set of hill repeats while pulling the trailer.

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